May is Winter Warmth Month, and our Women’s Auxiliary ladies are collecting warm winter clothing and blankets for those less fortunate people. Boxes will be available outside Church today.  Cash donations will also be acceptable. Please give generously.

LIGHTHOUSE FEEDING: if you are able to donate a loaf of bread (preferably with something on it –eg. cheese, polony, jam, peanut butter) we would really appreciate it. You can bring it with you to church on Sundays or bring it to the office. We feed on a Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

During the forty days of Lent, disciples of Jesus are encouraged to engage in three spiritual practices. These practices are those specifically mentioned by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount: giving to the poor, prayer and fasting. (See Matthew 6 :1-18).”

(From: Trevor Hudson. Pauses for Lent. Upper Room Books, 2015)


With the layout of our sanctuary, we tend to know more about what our organists sound like than about what they look like! Although Jonathan and Carol have been with us for the better part of a year now, we’d like you to get to know them a little better.

  Jonathan Vieler
Jonathan was born, raised and educated in Johannesburg, attending school at St John’s College, and university at Wits. His field of study was Mining Geology, in which he worked full-time for about eighteen years before going consulting for another ten years. He then changed direction completely to focus on water rather than rocks!

He bought a small company called Aqua-Brooks, and is now in the business of making float valves, which are used in the regulation of water levels in troughs and tanks, mainly in an agricultural context.

Jonathan and Lesley have been married for thirty two years, and have been blessed with two daughters, one of whom is a Chartered Accountant, and the other an Occupational Therapist. Lesley was already a member of Trinity Methodist Church in Linden when he met her, and Jonathan’s faith has been nurtured at Trinity ever since that time.

Music has been part of Jonathan’s life since the age of six, when he started playing the piano. When his grandfather bought an organ, he soon learned to play that as well. It was during school assemblies at St John’s College that Jonathan got to love so many of the well-known hymns – a good foundation for a future church organist! But his musical experience is wider than that, as he enjoyed playing keyboards in various dance bands in his 20s. Once he joined Trinity, he got involved in the music for the evening youth services for a while, and then when the children came along, moved to attendance at the morning services, where he started to play piano and organ as required. Apparently Trinity had seven organists at that stage, so he had to wait his turn – what riches of musical talent! At various times, Jonathan has played at Newlands Methodist, and currently at Horison Methodist and Rose Village. Since 2014, Jonathan has been playing regularly at the Trinity 07:30 service, necessitating quite a hasty commute to Parktown North for our 09:00 service! If he arrives at the last minute for our service, know that the preacher at Trinity has gone on too long! He also enjoys singing, particularly in male voice choirs. He has conducted the “Men in Red”, and now sings in the Welsh Male Voice Choir of South Africa, and is the assistant conductor.

When he is not at the keyboard, you might find Jonathan on the golf course, at a cricket match, or hear him commentating on matches in which the Proteas (men and women) are involved. He works with a commentating team led by Simon Gear (the TV weather man!) on the World Sports Radio internet site – He is doing it all from a nearby house in Greenside, watching matches on TV, commentating live, and receiving feedback from all around the world. Why not check him out there?!

Thank you, Jonathan, for sharing your musical gifts with us at Parktown North Methodist!

Carol Pitchford
It seems that music and the arts are deeply embedded in Carol and John’s genes – I interviewed her on Sunday in between her playing for our 09:00 service, and going off to Roodepoort to watch her daughter dance in a ballet competition! Carol plays piano and organ, John, her husband, sings, her daughter plays the flute, and her son, Wesley, the cello!

Wesley sounds like a good Methodist name, but Carol actually grew up in the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and currently belongs to the Roosevelt Park Seventh Day Adventist community. She plays the organ there, too, but as their services are on Saturdays, she is able to be with us on Sundays.

Carol grew up in the suburb of Abbotsford in Johannesburg, and has lived in the Johannesburg area all her life – she now lives in Jukskei Park. Music has always been part of Carol’s life. She played the piano from the age of nine, and at the age of twelve started playing in her church. She taught herself to play the organ at the age of fifteen.

Her schooling was first at two Christian schools, Paterson Park Primary, and Advent Park High. In Grade 10 she moved to Bryanston High, but was not happy to be in such a big school after the small classes she was accustomed to, and she moved to the Art, Ballet, Drama and Music School in Parktown for her last two years of school, where music became for her a central part of the curriculum. Her tertiary education was at Wits University, where she did a B.Mus., focusing on piano and voice. That was followed by a Higher Diploma in Education at Wits, which prepared her for a teaching career.

Carol taught piano at Jeppe Girls High for one year, and then moved on to her old school, the Art, Ballet, Drama and Music School, where she taught English for eight years. After the arrival of her daughter, Carissa in 1990, and through to the birth of her son, Wesley, in 1996, she continued to teach piano, and English, in a part-time capacity at various schools – Paterson Park Primary, The Ridge and Brescia House. Since 2009 she has been involved in teaching class music, piano and voice at Crawford Preparatory School in Sandton.

Organists and pianists are always in demand, and Carol has also played the organ at Trinity Methodist and St Thomas’s Anglican, as required. She has also played the piano for the “Men in Red”, the male voice choir in which her husband, John, sings.

With such a busy musical life, there cannot be much time for other interests or hobbies, but Carol finds her relaxation in gardening and travel.

We appreciate the music you provide for our services, Carol, and hope that sometimes you will be able to join us for tea after the service, so we can get to know you a little better!

Joan Bevan